Where does the food go once we make it?

If the richest country in the world has over 49 million people who are hungry, there's really no shortage on outlets to distribute. Even in some of the richest parts of the world we find food insecurity and/or malnurishment. Seniors are often overlooked, but they are a grossly underserved portion of our communites. Worldwide there are over 800 million people that do not know where they are going to get their next meal. It might surprise you to find that there are people in your own backyard, your fellow neighbors, who are hungry.

Where is your main office?

In the cloud!  We work all over the United States and we are growing throughout the world.  In 2019, we are working diligently to move headquarters to Yellow Springs, Ohio.

How can I sign up to host an event?

Please email us at jessica@kidscouts.org

What's the minimum age for volunteers?

If you can hold a spoon, or have someone help you hold a spoon, we have a volunteer opportunity for you! So far, our youngest volunteers have been just 3 years old.

I want to host, how many volunteers do I need?

We ask that you find a minimum of 6 volunteers, including yourself. If you cannot find volunteers, we will gladly help you.

Where are all of your locations?

In 2023 we are working diligently to move headquarters from Washington DC to California.

We have locations in cities all over the United States.  We have locations in Philippines, Haiti, Pakistan, India, Canada and Nigeria.  We are always looking to expand and hope you will soon invite us to your town if we are not already there.

Locations Map

Why Scouts?

Scout bees are in charge of finding food or finding new access to food.  Kid Scouts primary goal is to engage kids in saving the pollinators that help our crops grow. Kid Scouts, with the guidance of Hunger Van, pack casseroles for the hungry and distribute them to local food pantries, children's hospitals, and natural disaster areas.

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