Packing Food

Kid Scouts & Hunger Van make casseroles and distribute them to the hungry.

If you can hold a spoon, You're qualified to be a volunteer!


Finding hosts and hosting sites. Sign up to be a volunteer or host and help us prevent hunger and feed the hungry! Most of the people we help have jobs. Unfortunately, many are not receiving a living wage. Lets help the 1 out of 6 people who do not know where they are getting their next meal from and provide them with some nutrition.

packing food kid scouts
casserole making kid scouts program

Lentils for Casseroles

Casseroles are packed with a nutritious blend of quinoa, lentils, rice, pink himalayan salt and spices.
stocking food pantries kid scouts programs

Stocking Food Pantries

Volunteers restock food pantries with nutritious food.
door to door delivery kid scout program

Door to Door Meal Delivery

Our volunteers will deliver meals door to door to help feed the hungry!