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Kid Scouts New Logo is a Buzz

Tirelessly working to shape the ventures of Kid Scouts, today the founder Jessica Yamamoto-Molina announced the release of the new Logo.

It’s an exciting time for the grass roots organization as each of its facets come one step closer to launching its program nationally.

The colorful fresh look of the new logo keeps us focused on one of the most vital initiatives of the Kid Scouts program in the growing movement to save the bees. The centered adorable bee icon incorporated into the name is a constant reminder that Kid Scouts aim is to generate a program that teaches the vital preservation of our bee colonies and active participation in nurturing the future bee colonies.

With thousand of bees disappearing from our planet it has come to a critical level for an initiative to proactively become involved in caring for our future pollinators. Kid Scouts aspires to have their scouts across the Nation learning the love of being a scout while embracing the skills of beekeeping.